Top in-house lawyers globally are choosing antiCPD training...

…what’s stopping you?

“I chose antiCPD training for our legal department because it is something brand new. Our lawyers really don’t need any more external training on laws and regulations that we already practice, but do need help and development with softer skills that are critical for the ongoing success of our in-house department.”

Emma Richardson

General Counsel at White Hat Gaming

Why more lawyers are choosing antiCPD

Traditional CPD

A necessity, rarely taken seriously
Substantive law with the same old topics
Bone-dry and run-of-the-mill
Conducted by lawyers instead of trainers
Tick box approach - just get it done!


CPD training that is actually engaging
We’re fresh. New skills, new knowledge & new experiences
Live, interactive and relevant training
Conducted by global experts in their own fields
Future driven- lawyers like you do it because they care about their profession and want to remain relevant, now and in the future

About antiCPD

Traditional CPD training for lawyers is bland, boring and unoriginal. The same content churned out every year, most of the time over substantive law that you already know enough about.


At antiCPD, we’re aiming to disrupt the face of legal CPD forever. No more box ticking and training for the sake of it.


Instead, take an antiCPD training course yourself and your entire legal team which is guaranteed to be fringe, fresh and relevant to the profession. All our training is engaging, interactive and compelling – you and your team will come away from each session with a positive buzz, not a dead brain.

Improve skills that are needed today, develop skills that are critical for the future, and transform yourself into a lawyer that is a step ahead of many of the rest.

Choose antiCPD to stay on the cusp of your legal profession, today.

Most popular antiCPD training

Commercial Skills

The antiCPD MBA for In-House Lawyers. Learn, apply and understand business principles.


How To Master Virtual Collaboration In The New Remote Working World For In-House Lawyers


Dealing With Sticky Characters- How To Win Stakeholders Over, Everytime, Anytime.

Positively anti.
Guaranteed results.

antiCPD guarantees to have a positive impact and demonstrable results for your legal profession.

If we don’t deliver,
we’ll give you your money back

Which other external CPD training provider equips in-house for the future?