Our Mission
make legal CPD training relevant & engaging, with a core focus on enhancing future skills of in-house lawyers which drives 360’ stakeholder value.

Our Goal
become the go-to CPD provider for the in-house legal profession globally, who actually want to do their CPD because it’s relevant, interesting and engaging.

Why ‘anti’CPD?
because traditional CPD training fails to deliver on skills that the in-house legal profession needs today, tomorrow and in the future.


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The Founders

Created by 2 unordinary lawyers from the UK and Australia, antiCPD aims to be everything CPD isn’t (but should be).

Astan Morarji


A British qualified solicitor with extensive start-up-to-exit accolades. Astan has extensive in-house experience as senior legal counsel for transport, technology and iGaming industries.

Quddus Pourshafie


An Australian qualified lawyer, having worked for a global technology leader before setting up FutureLab.Legal – a leading consultancy firm for the future of law, supporting & advising lawyers, law firms and regulators globally.

Why anticpd?

Legal CPD training has worsened over the years, driven by the standard approach of churn- release the same training courses, by the same providers, on the same topics. This worked 20 years ago, but in today’s digital world, where the face, heart and life of legal is changing drastically- traditional CPD is no longer fit for purpose.

Enter: antiCPD. 
We’re turning CPD on its head. Whilst still retaining the core aspect of training and professional development, antiCPD delivers training courses for lawyers that are fringe, fresh and relevant.

Because lawyers today need to be best prepared for the future and, the best way lies in skills development, not in substantive law.

Back in the day, the law was about “what you know”, but in today’s world, the “what” is a given. Instead, how we practice the law, who we work for, which tech stacks we use, how we improve value-add, when to adopt different practices for new client types, and much more- these factors and relevant problems are entirely uncatered for in the existing training market, where lawyers are still treated as independent experts in their field, rather than well-rounded professionals with multiple skill sets and knowledge areas.

Instead, antiCPD

  • Uses experts as facilitators and educators
  • Focuses on non-law for lawyers
  • Aims to develop skills and new knowledge transfer
  • Guarantees to be interesting and engaging

We encourage you to view our training programs, and to reach out to us for an informal discussion as to how antiCPD can deliver value to your in-house team and department.